• Logistics
  • Project Management
  • IT Services
  • Logistics is more than moving people and materials from Point A to Point B. When an initial decision can significantly impact the life of a system it's imperative to get it right from Day 1. GPSItek offers cradle to grave life-cycle logistical support:

    • Acquisition support for services and assets
    • Assistance deploying, moving and resetting equipment
    • Budget support
    • Training
    • Help with disposal

    Our teams understand the importance of systems engineering in providing quick, informed decisions to reduce cost and improve efficiency. We provide our customers with the visibility necessary to optimize the process.

  • Projects live and die in the details of their management. Whether large or small, predictive or agile, running a successful project is both a science and an art.

    GPSItek uses PMI's PMBOK and the extensive lessons learned repository from both companies to accurately scope, plan, and execute projects. With ISO, CMMI, and ITIL quality frameworks providing quality assurance to monitor and control, our projects come in on time, on budget, and with high customer satisfaction.

  • IT Service Management is more than just answering phones and solving user issues. GPSItek's service managers work to design, implement, and deliver services that improve performance, operational efficiency, and service delivery.

    GPSItek provides:

    • Service design
    • Transition planning and support
    • Service-level, availability, capacity security, supplier, and continuity management
    • Service validation and testing
    • Request fulfillment
    • Technical Management
    • IT Operation Management

    With a center of excellence in ITIL, GPSItek provides continual service improvement.

Our Process


GPSItek knows that failing to plan is planning to fail. Our program management process integrates Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) methodology with templates from our ISO and CMMI-Dev compliant quality management system. 


A project is more than just the realized work output. GPSItek believes in finding the right teams and supporting them to realize their full potential. By facilitating communication between team members and customers, our project managers remove roadblocks, reaffirm scope, and ensure that outcomes surpass expectations.

Monitor & Control

Quality should be baked into any project from the start. Using documented and repeatable processes and procedures that are monitored and continuously updated, GPSItek improves efficiency and prevents problems before they occur.